The is dedicated to preserving the history and
heritage of US Navy Diving, focusing heavily on
navy diving today.

Although still under construction, will eventually
have pages for each command with details and photos of their
training, operations and equipment.

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Planned pages include:
• US Navy Diving History
• Navy Diver Selection & Training
• Diving Equipment & Development
• NEDU - Naval Experimental Diving Unit
• NDSTC - Naval Diving & Salvage Training Center
• Ships Husbandry – CDU – SIMA
• Submarine Husbandry
• Mobile Diving & Salvage Units – MDSU1 – MDSU2
• The Monitor Project
• Underwater Construction Teams – UCT1 – UCT2
• Explosive Ordnance Disposal – EOD
• Navy Seal Teams & Support Divers
• Seal Delivery Vehicles – SDV
• Marine Corps Divers & Combat Swimmers
• Deep Submergence Rescue – DSRV
• Deep Saturation Diving


With the full cooperation of the US Navy, CHINFO and the Navy diving community we are currently compiling a book that will document the full range of navy diving today.

The research and photography for this book is done however the project was delayed by operational and training commitments related to the current GWOT. The manuscript and images went to the publishers for layout in mid-2004 so the planned release date for this book will be early to mid-2005.

Check back periodically as we up-date these pages with progress and photos from the Navy Diver book project.


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